The Oklahoma cannabis market is booming. As of November 2022, the OMMA website shows over 2000 active dispensary licenses in the state of Oklahoma.

This is a clear indication that the Oklahoma dispensary market is wildly popular and a great business opportunity for dispensary owners to increase profits. It is also very competitive, mainly due the laws of supply and demand which means keeping a low overhead is important.

Whether selling flower, edibles, or concentrates, a dispensary needs packaging and supplies to operate. And, the one thing that will improve your business is having the necessary dispensary supplies to operate at maximum potential.

Supplying dispensary shop owners with stellar products that meet the demands of their customers is Packlahoma’s #1 priority.

What are Accessories?

The accessories we offer, such as 1ml syringe, OMMA THC labels, etc., can be considered secondary to the needs of a business. We primarily offer whole dispensary supplies to our Oklahoma patrons, but sometimes these harder-to-find products may be just exactly what a business needs.

1 ml Syringe w/ Luer Lock

The 1ml glass syringe is a durable syringe that is perfect for applying dabs of concentrates or other active compounds that cannabis companies may want to offer to their customers. Made with lab-grade glass, these syringes can be heated up multiple times without running the risk of breaking. For cannabis companies, offering potent THC oil, THC + CBD, THC + CBN, and other cannabinoids call for a great product that customers spend a lot of time looking for. The syringe allows for easy application of a concentrate onto a joint, on a bowl, or in a warm beverage without making a sticky mess.

OMMA-Compliant THC Labels

Our individually wrapped sticker rolls of OMMA labels are perfect for curbing any compliance issues with Oklahoma cannabis regulators. These strong-adhesive labels can stick to any surface and are easy to apply to your cannabios packaging. The measurements of each sticker meet the state requirements for warning-label dimensions. So set the worries aside and make your packaging compliance a breeze.

Wholesale Dispensary Supplies

The Oklahoma cannabis market is very competitive for several reasons – mainly due to the fact there was no limit on the number of cannabis licenses issued until recently. Not to mention the extreme drop in the valuation of flower which has decreased the profit margins for growers and processors.

Regardless of why – any business knows that a lower overhead means higher profits. Although differing from business to business, the experience and enjoyment are the factors that keep customers coming back.

And that’s great news for dispensary owners, as long as they are selling and the product is not sitting on the store shelves.

From selling pre-rolls to concentrates, the benefits of providing customers with quality cannabis products can be lucrative. Let’s face it, dispensary shop owners and processors are looking to wholesalers to supply them with accessories like pre-roll tubes, concentrate jars, and vape cartridge clamshell blister packs.

As the go-to dispensary in Oklahoma for fire products, you’re not only creating a culture around your brand, you’re forging relationships and creating loyal customers.

In turn, your loyal buyers are keeping their everyday customers happy, resulting in a win-win situation for both of you.

Staying true to the Packlahoma mission to supply high-quality Oklahoma dispensary supplies and accessories is undoubtedly a priority, but it doesn’t stop there.

We help entrepreneurs break into the business, as well as help existing businesses thrive with our extensive knowledge of cannabis packaging regulations.

The Ordering Process

If you’re an Oklahoma dispensary or processor looking for bulk dispensary supplies, whether vape, pre-roll, or concentrate; amplify your revenue, and boost the number of customers, let the Packlahoma team make it a reality.

While many manufacturers give you the run-around or annoy you with tons of back and forth, the Packlahoma team has a streamlined ordering process.

With the clicks of a few buttons, you can be well on your way to ordering the best dispensary supplies in Oklahoma with same-day pickup or next-day delivery.

Step 1: Place your wholesale order by ordering online or calling 918-321-4668

Step 2: If you’re tax-exempt, create an account and upload your seller’s permit to your account for tax exemption. Also, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] with a copy of your tax-exempt info

Step 3: Keep an eye on your inbox; we will send you the tracking number for your order. We ship orders via UPS Ground or YRC Freight depending on the order size. Orders placed before 2PM CST ship the same business day. Same-day or next-day pick-up is also available at our Tulsa warehouse.

Why Packlahoma?

Packlahoma understands the cannabis packaging industry, as well as the needs of dispensaries.

With nearly a decade of expertise in cannabis packaging and vape manufacturing, we understand that you must meet the demands of your customers, which is why we offer a wide range of high-quality products at competitively affordable prices.

We also stay up on the latest industry trends and ensure our inventory includes the hottest, trendiest products on the market.

As a dispensary owner or processor, this helps you establish yourself as an industry leader by providing your customers with the latest cannabis ancillary supplies; scaling your business and strengthening the loyalty of your customer base.

Maintaining our inventory of necessary dispensary accessories is important to us because it means your store shelves or product line will be well-stocked and ready for retail.

Further, Packlahoma knows time is of the essence for time-strapped dispensary supply owners. For that very reason, we’ve streamlined our ordering process.

Placing a wholesale order has never been easier, regardless if you opt for custom-branding or non-branded products.

Packlahoma is here to help you achieve success. From choosing and sourcing vapor accessories to streamlining and developing inventory processes to launching a new brand, our aim is to be a partner in your journey.

At Packlahoma, we don’t just sell vape accessories to customers. We’re committed to helping them level up and transform into the brand they’ve been envisioning.

Ready to explore the world of ancillary cannabis packaging? Start a cannabis dispensary? Source high-quality concentrate packaging? Feel free to reach out at 918-321-4668 or fill out the easy contact form on our site.

We’d love to hear more about your vision.

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