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Vaping has exploded. As of July 2018, Statista reported: 80% of millennials; 55% Gen X; and 38% of Baby Boomers have tried either vaping or e-cigs.

This is a clear indication that vaping is wildly popular and a great business opportunity for vape shop owners to increase profits.

Whether selling e cigarette accessories or e-juices, the end user’s experience takes precedence. And, the one thing that will enhance that experience is having the necessary vape accessories to satisfy their vaping needs.

Supplying vape shop owners with stellar products that meet the demands of their customers is Packlahoma’s #1 priority.

Benefits of Vaping Accessories

Many people have shifted to vaping for several reasons – less of a health risk, convenience, an alternative to smoking, more acceptable than smoking cigarettes, more cost effective, and the list goes on and on.

Regardless of why, the common thread is the experience. Although differing from individual to individual, the experience and enjoyment is the one factor that keeps customers coming back.

And that’s great news for vape shop owners, as well as wholesalers.

From selling e cig accessories to vape attachments, the benefits of providing customers with cool vape accessories can be lucrative. Let’s face it, vape shop owners are looking to wholesalers to supply them with vape pen accessories like batteries, chargers, cartridges, and cases.

As the go-to wholesaler for vape accessories, you’re not only creating a culture around your brand, you’re forging relationships and creating loyal wholesale buyers.

In turn, your loyal buyers are keeping their everyday customers happy, resulting in a win-win situation for both of you.

Staying true to the Packlahoma mission to supply high-quality vapor accessories to our wholesale customers is undoubtedly a priority, but it doesn’t stop there.

We help entrepreneurs break into the vape business, as well as help existing businesses thrive with our custom-branding service.

The Ordering Process

If you’re a wholesaler looking to serve up cool vape accessories for your customers, whether custom-branded or non-branded; amplify your revenue, and boost the number of customers, let the Packlahoma team make it a reality.

Regarding our custom-branding and packaging service, you have the ability to place your own graphics/logo on any of our vape pen accessories including, dab pen batteries, vape cartridge packaging, refillable vape cartridges, and vape pen hard zipper cases.

While many manufacturers give you the run-around or annoy you with tons of back and forth, the Packlahoma team has a streamlined ordering process.

In six easy steps you can be well on your way to being the go-to wholesaler for vaporizer accessories.

Step 1: Place your wholesale order by calling 918-512-1176 or using our online contact form.

Step 2: If you’re ordering custom-branded vape accessories, upload your existing artwork files in .ai or .pdf format via the online form or have our award-winning design team create unique graphics for your brand

Step 3: Keep an eye on your inbox; we will send you the custom packaging design proof for your review.

Step 4: Give final approval of artwork.

Step 5: Mass production begins, taking between 15-18 business days, not including shipping.

Step 6: Your order is shipped.

Why Packlahoma?

Packlahoma understands the vaping accessories industry, as well as the needs of wholesalers.

With nearly a decade of expertise in vape product manufacturing, we understand that you must meet the demands of your customers, which is why we offer a wide-range of high quality products at competitively affordable prices.

We also stay up on the latest industry trends and ensure our inventory includes the hottest, trendiest products on the market.

As a wholesaler, this helps you establish yourself as an industry leader by providing your customers with featured vaping products; scale your business; and strengthen the loyalty of your customer base.

Maintaining our inventory of necessary vaporizer accessories is important to us because it means your store shelves or e-commerce store will be well-stocked.

Further, Packlahoma knows time is of the essence for time-strapped vape shop owners. For that very reason, we’ve streamlined our ordering process.

Placing a wholesale order has never been easier, regardless if you opt for custom-branding or non-branded products.

Packlahoma is here to help you achieve success. From choosing and sourcing vapor accessories to streamlining and developing inventory processes to launching a new brand, our aim is to be a partner in your journey.

At Packlahoma, we don’t just sell vape accessories to customers. We’re committed to helping them level up and transform into the brand they’ve been envisioning.

Ready to explore the world of vaping? Start a vape shop? Source high-quality wholesale vape products? Feel free to reach out at 918-512-1176 or fill out the easily accessible contact form on our site.

We’d love to hear more about your vision.

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