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Disposable Vape Pen Options

Vape Cartridges

When it comes to consuming cannabis, many everyday users have adopted vape pens as their preferred method of use. Why? Oftentimes, it boils down to what is most convenient and/or discreet for an individual. In addition, it is also the easiest and most portable method to self-medicate without drawing too much attention to oneself. For these reasons alone, vape pens and vape pen cartridges have taken over the cannabis market. According to one Statista report, as of July 2018, 80% of millennials, 55% of Gen X, and 38% of Baby Boomers have tried either vaping (or e-cigs).

For cannabis and vape companies, this means that many have followed suit to keep up with the demand for these convenience products by offering a selection of disposable vape pens for sale. Here at Packlahoma, we’ve made it a point to offer quality wholesale vape cartridges and disposable vape cartridges at cost-effective prices to help you keep your margins healthy without cutting corners.

How to Select the Best Vape Cartridge for Your Brand

Selecting the best empty vape pen cartridges or disposable vape pens begins with what you want to offer to your customers and how you want to leverage your brand’s product offerings. Many companies have chosen to keep to the traditional route of purchasing empty vape pen cartridges while others have gravitated towards the newer all-in-one option of disposable vape pens. Both types of vapes have their place in the market, but it all comes down to preference and how one wants to build their brand (and its offerings). 

Formulations, otherwise known as the cannabis oils that cartridges and pens are filled with, typically with distillate and terpenes, are just one part of the equation. The other half comes down to the hardware used in your product. You want to ensure fewer returns and vape cartridge options that are free of heavy metals or other issues that affect the overall quality. 

We’ve done our due diligence to partner with reputable manufacturers to source our vape pen cartridges in bulk so that we can proudly offer vape options that meet industry standards and keep every customer satisfied.

What are my vape cartridge size options?

Size Matters

Choosing the right size for your vape cartridge offerings depends on what consumers have decided on purchasing for the best savings possible. For many customers, getting the most bang for their buck has resulted in them purchasing the vape pens that offer the most – typically 1ml and 2ml disposable vape pens and vape pen cartridges. Many have shied away from choosing 0.5ml cartridges, but they’re totally out of demand. 

2ml Disposable Vape Pen

2ml disposable vape pens, often called single-use vapes, are just as big of a hit as standalone cartridges. Sometimes found as vape pen cartridges, they’ve taken off in popularity as the 2ml all-in-one disposable vape pen. These disposable vapes cost a little more for the empty hardware, but they’re well worth it. Because they hold more than the typical amount of cannabis or vape oil, manufacturers are able to sell them for more without the additional overhead of producing them. This translates across the board at the retail level for consumers who are looking for the best volume in their disposable THC vape pen – and the biggest bang for their buck – especially if the flavor options are as good as the sticker price.

1ml Disposable Vape Pen

For those looking to maintain or offer the convenience of a disposable vape pen but do not want to offer a stand-alone 1ml vape cartridge, the 1ml disposable vape pen is the best choice in offering an above-average quantity of THC oil in their brand’s vape line. This convenient size and style can meet the desires of those looking to do either small or large-batch filling runs. These pens are offered in buttonless, or drag-to-draw, options.

1ml Vape Cartridge

1ml vape cartridges are the middle ground between 0.5ml and 2ml vape options. They offer a good price break for consumers and allow them to smoke on the same vape for 2x longer than the 0.5ml counterpart. For manufacturers, they can find these empty vape pens wholesale and empty vape cartridges for just a few cents more than the 0.5ml option. They also help cut labor costs by reducing the number of cartridges to be filled and the touch points that come along with doing so.

0.5ml Vape Cartridge

0.5ml vape cartridges were once reigning supreme when vapes flooded the market. However, they’ve lost steam as larger volume options have been introduced as newer options. But all is not lost on them. For some, they stay favorable because it allows consumers to smoke their cartridges quicker and keep a variety of flavors around so they don’t get tired of the same vape by having it too long.

Disposable Vape Pens – Button or Buttonless?

When it comes to single-use vape pens, more likely than not, you’re bound to come across a couple of options: disposable pens that either feature a button or a buttonless option. The distinguishing factor is that one is an automatic drag-to-draw hit, while the other requires the push of a button to vaporize the contents of the pen.

Disposable THC vape pens often come in different filling capacities. If you’re deciding to run with the 1ml option a draw-to-draw, or buttonless option may be the best option for you because it will take much less time for a consumer to finish the contents of the pen. This means that the battery won’t require as many charges for the life cycle of the pen’s use.

For the 2ml option, a button option, or a press-and-draw method, is better suited because it can help preserve the quality of the oil inside the cartridge. The life cycle of a 2ml disposable pen is 2x that of its 1ml counterpart, so heating up the coil in a calculated or deliberate way can go a long way in preserving the quality of the oil, providing a better, longer experience for the consumer using the disposable vape pen.

Pressed About Vape Safety? We’ve Got You.

Whether you’re going for the 1ml vape cartridge or the 2ml disposable vape pen, we’ve decided to simplify your choices of vapes. In most cases, you’ll be presented with two options when it comes to your vapes: screw-top or press-down.

Screw-Top Vape Cartridges

Screw-top vape cartridges offer their own benefits – which may not be sufficient for those looking for a more child-proof option. Screw-top vape cartridges have been given the name that describes them best – you simply take the mouthpiece and vape cartridge and screw them together. This can be done with a turning machine such as the Thompson-Duke capping machine, or something along the same lines. This option may be more effective in saving time during the filling process, but it doesn’t quite meet the same security features as the press-down.

Press-Down Vape Cartridges

The press-down vape cartridges and disposable vape pens have been the select choice for many companies looking to add a more secure vape offering. This vape offers a sealing option that can only be done with an arbor press designed to seal vape cartridges. Despite requiring a little more effort to fasten them on the cart-filling production line, this style of vape pens and cartridges cannot be opened once properly closed; this ensures a child-proof and also tamper-proof seal to give customers a little more peace of mind when using their vape. Here at Packlahoma, our current vape offerings are exclusive to the press-down cartridges, including the 1ml easy-press vape cartridge and our 2ml disposable vape pen.

If you don’t see the style of vape cartridges you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. Depending on the style and quantity of vape cartridges you’re looking to buy, we can also offer custom orders for various styles of pens and cartridges.

The Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Vape Cartridge Packaging

Sometimes looked at as a middleman, a wholesaler is a business that buys large quantities of goods and resells them to other businesses. Essentially, the business model is based on the wholesaler being the liaison between manufacturers of products and the retailers that want to sell those products. While some offer cheap vape cartridges, we offer affordable vape cartridges and disposable vape pens – without cutting any corners along the way.

When it comes to an all-inclusive vape package or even vape oil cartridge packaging it may be a good move to purchase wholesale. You may assume designing your own packaging is the most cost-effective, and it very well might be in some cases, but it can also be frustrating, especially if you or the members of your team are not quite good at graphic design. Not to mention, you still have to run your business, which can be taxing.

Saving money is another reason to consider single-use vape pens or purchasing vape pen cartridges wholesale. Depending on what your business needs are, it may be more cost-efficient to buy in bulk, vape pen cartridge packaging. Purchasing individual design services from various companies can really start to add up. Vape cartridge packaging in bulk can also reduce the time it takes for your vape products to hit the store shelves. The quicker the packaging is ready, the quicker you can start to sell your products as a retailer.

One of the major benefits of purchasing wholesale vape cartridge packaging is the leveling of the competition. You may be a smaller company with a smaller budget, but with quality branding and access to top designers that know the vape industry, you’ll be well on your way to competing with larger companies.

When it comes down to it, wholesale is the way to go for a number of reasons – whether it’s to purchase custom design services for your products; purchase large quantities of goods for a discounted rate; save time; to establish working relationships within your industry, and to gain access to new products in a timely fashion.

Why Packlahoma?

We take pride in being able to offer specialized vape pen cartridges in bulk to cannabis and/or vape companies everywhere. For a packaging wholesaler with a difference, get in touch with Packlahoma to find disposable vape pens for sale. Discover and learn more about our latest cannabis packaging options by browsing our one-stop shop today.

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