Disposable Vape Pen Options

Empty Vape Cartridges

Empty disposable vape pens for oil are storming the cannabis and CBD market. Many users are choosing them as their preferred method of consumption. They’re easy, convenient, and growing in popularity every day. And it’s no wonder why – vape pens are often the easiest and most discreet way to self-medicate without attracting unwanted attention.

To keep up with this demand for convenience, many cannabis and CBD companies have begun adding disposable vape pens to their product line. Here at Packlahoma, we are dedicated to providing quality wholesale empty vape cartridges and empty disposable vape pens at cost-effective prices. We understand that you need to keep your margins healthy without cutting corners—which is why we’re more than happy to help you do just that.

Selecting the Best Vape Pen for Your Brand

Whether you’re looking for vape pens for oil or empty carts, selecting the best product is key to impressing customers and standing out in the market. Some companies prefer the traditional route of cartridges, others opt for the convenience of all-in-one disposable pens. But no matter the style, the key to success lies in high-quality formulations and hardware that offer exceptional performance and eliminate returns.

At Packlahoma, we take pride in partnering with reputable manufacturers to source bulk quantities of the best vape pen cartridges on the market. Our exclusive options are free of heavy metals and other issues that can compromise product quality, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase.

What are my vape cartridge size options?

Size Matters

Offer your customers the biggest bang for their buck with 2ml disposable vape pens – they’re the top pick. Although half a gram vape carts have been overlooked, they’re still a great option.

2ml Disposable Vape Pen

The 2ml disposable vape pen is a hit, found both standalone and as cartridges. 2ml pens hold more cannabis or vape oil, so manufacturers sell them for more without additional overhead. This is excellent for customers who want the most volume in their THC vape pen, especially if the flavor options are tasty.

1ml Disposable Vape Pen

1ml disposable vape pens are perfect for those who want to offer an above-average quantity of THC oil in their brand’s vape line. They’re easy to use and come in buttonless or drag-to-draw options.

1ml Vape Cartridge

1ml vape cartridges are perfect for those who want a good price break and want to keep smoking on the same vape pen for 2x longer than the 0.5ml option. Manufacturers can also save money, as these cartridges cost just a few cents more to produce than 0.5ml options.

Half Gram Vape Cartridges

0.5ml vape cartridges were super popular when vapes flooded the market. However, half gram carts lost steam as larger volume options have been introduced as newer options. For some, they stay favorable because it allows consumers to vape their cartridges quicker and keep a variety of flavors around. This way they don’t get tired of the same vape by having it too long.

Disposable Vape Pens – Button or Buttonless?

Vape pens and cartridges come in many different types, each with its own unique qualities. For people who like to smoke their cartridges quickly or have access to a variety of flavors, the Half Gram Vape Cartridges are still a favorite option.

When searching for a disposable vape pen, you’ll encounter two options – button or buttonless. But which one to choose? Let’s find out! But which one is right for you? Automatic drag-to-draw hit or press-the-button-to-vaporize? The answer depends on your filling capacity. If you’re going for the 1ml option, a buttonless vape pen is a great choice. It’ll be quicker and easier to finish the pen’s contents and means less charging for your battery. On the other hand, for the 2ml option, a press-and-draw or button option is a better call. It can help preserve the quality of the oil, giving you a better and longer experience for your disposable pen.

Screw-Top Vape Cartridges

Choose screw-top vape cartridges for optimal security. They’re straightforward to assemble, but you may want to use a capping machine. While these vape carts don’t have built-in child-proof closure, they come with their unique advantages. At our store, we offer the latest and top-of-the-line vaping options to fulfill all your needs.

Press-Down Vape Cartridges

Looking to add more secure vape offerings? Press down or easy press vape carts offers a tamper-proof seal requiring an arbor press. Our exclusive vape offerings include 1ml easy-press vape cartridges and 2ml disposable vape pens.

Don’t see the style of vape cartridges you’re looking for? Just ask! We’ve got you covered with custom orders for various styles of pens and cartridges – no matter the size of your purchase.

Why Packlahoma?

We take pride in offering specialized vape pens for oil to cannabis and vape companies everywhere. For a packaging and vape wholesaler with a difference, get in touch with us today to buy empty disposable vape pens.

Discover our latest cannabis packaging and vape options by browsing our one-stop shop. Trust us to provide the best quality carts and empty disposable vape pens to give you a little more peace of mind when using your vape.

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