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Pre-Roll Packaging: Joint Tubes Wholesale Packaging

Pre-Roll Packaging

Cater to your customers who love your pre-roll joints with premium pre-roll packaging. Entice those who want to effortlessly open up that container and light up a crisp and professionally rolled joint. Deliver unmatched convenience with the perfect pre-roll joint packaging from Packlahoma. With quality wholesale joint packaging, you can empower your customers to carry their favorite, customized cannabis pre-roll packaging and light up whenever they want. Keep joints fresh and flavorful with our incredible selection of joint tubes now.

What is Pre-Roll Packaging?

You may have heard pre-roll tubes referred to as blunt tubes, pre-roll boxes, or even a bag. Whatever name you use, a joint container has the same singular purpose: to keep your bud fresh, flavorful, and as pure as the day it left the farm.

But pre-roll containers are about so much more than just keeping your marijuana fresh. Many cannabis users now favor tubes that offer smell-proof qualities. After all, who wants to be paranoid about the smell emanating from their bag before they light up? There’s also compliance to take into account. Your packaging must be child-resistant, tamper-evident, and come with an exit bag. Don’t let your business get bogged down by a legal minefield.

At Packlahoma, our packaging complies with all current state and federal laws so that you can do business with confidence. What’s more, why not customize your packaging to stand out among your competitors? Pay special attention to the material and colors used and project your brand like nobody else.

How to Choose the Best Pre-Roll Packaging for Your Brand?

Wondering whether you need to invest in professional joint packaging? Even if you don’t care about aesthetics, your customers do. Not to mention, the law states that all pre-roll tubes need to possess certain features. Your customers want to know that their bud isn’t contaminated before they smoke it. With Packlahoma’s marijuana packaging, you reassure your buyers that they can put their trust in you.

Pre-Roll Joint Tubes

With Packlahoma, it’s simple to customize your pre-roll packaging. Here are some of the options for a quality joint container.


One of the most popular options is a container made of glass. Sleek, modern, and completely smell-proof, glass is favored the world over as the quality joint tube material of choice for a reason. Let your customers view their joints in all their splendor before buying and feel great about using a fully recyclable material at the same time. For premium glass pre-roll packaging, look no further than Packlahoma’s selection.


For getting back to basics, plastic blunt tubes are ideal for simplicity. Leave them with simple, monochrome coloring or take advantage of the amazing branding options; it’s up to you. Plastic joint tubes remain hugely popular the world over. Purchase plastic pop-top tubes wholesale to keep your premium bud fragrant and potent until your customer lights up for a toke. And plastic doesn’t mean forgetting about sustainability. Our plastic pre roll tubes are completely recyclable and made from reclaimed plastic. We carry both 98mm and 116mm size tubes.


Less common but still a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, cardboard tubes are a sustainable, customizable joint holder made from recycled paper. Starting from a white base, we can customize your cardboard holders with anything from professional logos to quirky graphics. From a branding perspective, cardboard is the ultimate option.

Pre-Roll Boxes

The downside of the humble tube is that it only has enough space for a single joint. While that might be perfectly fine for some customers, others are looking to buy in bulk. For those customers, there’s the convenient option of pre-roll boxes. Support your customers in stocking up with an intelligent, modern design. Play around with the aesthetic and take your brand into the stratosphere. Here are your main options for custom boxes when you shop with Packlahoma.


Plastic cases are not only perfect for creating custom designs, but they are also child-resistant and fully recyclable. Our boxes come in multiple sizes. Choose from a small box holding three joints or a monster box with up to 12 joints. Plastic is also ideal for durability. Other materials may not preserve the integrity of your customer’s joints, but hard plastic protects the bud from the challenges of the day.


Also known as push tins, a tin box offers something other materials simply do not possess. Tin is ideal for keeping your cannabis fresher for longer. The unique case designs appeal to the average marijuana user and allow for transparent tops or fully opaque options. If your dispensary is searching for something different in its joint packaging, a push tin could be the right option for you.


Finally, there’s good old cardboard. While not as durable as some other case options, cardboard is easily recycled and can slip into any pocket with ease. These cases are best for a smaller number of joints. You can work with Packlahoma to help you customize your branded cardboard cases.

Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging Sizes

For individual joints, sizes are often standardized, so there is no need to worry about the size of your tubes. They will be more than large enough to accommodate standard joint sizes. When purchasing cases for your dispensary, you need to decide how large your bundles will be. Tap into what your customers want. Do you have regular customers frequently shopping with you to replenish their pre-roll stores? Buy larger cases that can hold up to 12 joints at the same time.

For those communities that smoke less pre-rolls, you may want to consider smaller cases. Alternatively, experiment with different sizes and see how your target market reacts to them. Choosing the right size is all about meeting the needs and expectations of your customers.


The right material for your pre-roll packaging depends largely on what your customers expect from you. For this reason, you need to make sure that when you buy your joint tubes wholesale, you are giving your buyers what they want. Firstly, does your packaging comply with the law? Labels must be tamper-proof, and containers must be child-resistant. Luckily, we take this hassle off your hands. All our packaging complies with existing laws on marijuana packaging, so you can focus less on legal matters and more on quality products.

Next, are you using a material with smell-proof capabilities? Many veteran cannabis users value discretion above all else. For smell-proof containers, consider glass or tin.
Now that you’ve decided on the characteristics of your packaging, it’s time to start branding. Project your image and leave a lasting impression on your customers. We go the extra mile to help your dispensary stand above the rest.

Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging to Streamline Your Business

Buying joint tubes wholesale from the guy down the street might be tempting, but there are several business benefits to choosing a professional wholesaler like Packlahoma. You are not just purchasing a set of blunt tubes; you’re investing in the future of your business. Some of the unique advantages to going wholesale include:

  • Brand Your Business – Branding is everything in the modern cannabis industry. With so much competition, you need to find a way to elevate yourself above other dispensaries. Custom branding on your marijuana tubes sends a message and communicates what you’re all about.
  • Nail that First Impression – Humans make snap judgments in microseconds, especially with purchasing decisions. Get that first impression right with colorful, quirky designs. Packlahoma supports you in crafting the packaging designed to impress.
  • Save Money – Buying wholesale is infinitely cheaper than buying joint tubes on a by-need basis. By looking to the future and purchasing wholesale, you have the power to slash your overheads.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Give customers exactly what they want with top-quality, smell-proof containers. The discerning customer expects more, and with custom pre-roll tubes and packaging, you give them what they expect.
  • Top-Quality Packaging Every Time – Provide your customers the confidence they need that your tubes will keep their joints aromatic and potent. With Packlahoma, we achieve the highest quality every time. Only with a professional wholesaler can you rely on consistent quality.
  • Keep Joints Fresh – The right tubes can extend the lifespan of any pre-roll. The wrong containers will lead to a faster rate of degradation. Our five-star joint tubes protect your customers’ joints so that they can smoke the perfect pre-roll every time.

The top dispensaries pay attention to every detail of not only their bud, but the way they sell and store their products as well. Adopt the mindset of the most successful retailers in the business by partnering with a renowned packaging provider like Packlahoma. When you team up with us, you’re not just getting pre-roll packaging; you’re getting a product that changes the face of your whole business.

Why Packlahoma?

Before you put your trust in anyone, you need to be sure that the packaging you expect is the packaging you get. Packlahoma sets its standards high. We consider ourselves to be the gold standard of pre-roll marijuana packaging. Unlike other wholesalers, we do things differently when offering our dispensary supplies wholesale. When you shop with us, we guarantee:

  • The Best in Quality – We never compromise on quality. From our cardboard tubes to our tin pre-roll cases, every product is inspected and verified for quality before being sent out to dispensaries. When you shop with Packlahoma, you get a consistently high standard with every single order.
  • Fair Prices – We believe that giving your customers the standard they expect should not break the bank. We support dispensaries in reducing their packaging costs while elevating the overall standard of pre-roll packaging.
  • Control in Your Hands – Take your dispensary to the next level with custom branding. Work with our experts to turn your packaging design into a reality. Stand above your competitors and retain full control over your designs.
  • Support – If you are struggling to decide between different materials, talk to us. Our experts can walk you through the pros and cons of each pre-roll option, so you make the best decision for your customers.
  • Adaptability – Stay on top of the ever-changing world of cannabinoids. Cannabis connoisseurs expect only the best, and with our expanding range of packaging options, we ensure that you can keep up with the crowd.

We take pride in being able to offer specialist pre-roll tubes to dispensaries everywhere. For a packaging wholesaler with a difference, get in touch with Packlahoma. Discover and learn more about our latest cannabis packaging options by browsing our one-stop-shop today.

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