G5 Half Gram Vape Cartridge

$0.77 per unit

We take pride in selling quality vape hardware so you can feel confident in providing a quality product to your customers. Each case of empty vape cartridges contains 100 units. All empty cartridges come packaged in boxes of 100 units with the mouthpieces separated for easy filling. These press stop style cartridges require an arbor press in order to seal the mouthpiece properly at the time of filling. After applying the mouthpiece it  becomes permanently sealed.

We also offer clamshell blister packs for vape cartridges as a custom packaging option. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

  • Units Per Case: 100 Units
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1ml Empty Vape Cartridge Clear Barrel Tip Vape Cartridge


At Packlahoma, our G5 half gram empty 510 thread vape cartridge is the perfect choice for thick oil vaping. Featuring a polycarbonate body with a sleek clear round mouthpiece, its ceramic heating core technology is designed to deliver smooth hits with large clouds. The 1.8mm oil intake holes evenly distribute heat throughout the loop while maintaining consistent temperatures for a high-quality user experience every time.

With our 510 threading, these cartridges can be used universally and its press-top mechanism requires an arbor press for proper installment and closure. For convenience, all cartridges and mouthpieces are separately packaged so filling is a breeze. Make Packlahoma’s G5 0.5ml vape cartridge your go to half gram vape cartridge today and experience the quality!

Vape cartridge filling and capping is simple. The package includes cartridges and separate mouthpieces. Both are packaged separately in boxes of 100 units to make filling fast and easy. Along with a simple 510 thread system and an arbor press for sealing the mouthpiece; just attach the cartridge to your device battery and wait until you get optimal performance out of it!


If you need packaging for your empty half gram carts, Oji Vape has you covered. We offer a quick and easy packaging solution that is compatible with your vape carts. Our 1ml round tip clamshell blister packaging is a cheap and fast way to package your half gram carts professionally. The 1ml clamshell blister packaging fits the vape cartridge and double-sided custom printed insert card.

We carry a large stock inventory of clamshell packaging that is in stock and ready to ship. The custom printed insert cards are as easy as printing business cards. With a 3.5in x 2.5in card size, there is plenty of room on the front and back for custom branding.

1ml Empty Vape Cartridge Clear Barrel Tip Vape Cartridge
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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