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    Why a Brand’s Cannabis Packaging Matters

    How to Get Started With Your Cannabis Packaging When establishing a new cannabis brand or simply refreshing an old one, your packaging selection will be among the most crucial decisions you make as a company. With so many options floating around for cannabis flower packaging such as mylar bags, glass jars in a box, and …

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  • Oklahoma_Cannabis

    Oklahoma’s Dispensary Packaging Supply

    Is Cannabis Legal in Oklahoma? Fear not if you’re in Oklahoma and have some good buds within arm’s reach. As of 2018, the push for the legalization of cannabis was met with open arms: the voting came down to 57% in favor and 43% opposed to it. Though the initial push for legalization has allowed …

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  • FOG Brand Oklahoma

    How to Build a Cannabis Brand

    What is Brand Identity? The current and ever-evolving cannabis market presents plenty of challenges in creating a new brand and having a successful introduction into any market be it medical or recreational in any State. A solid first step in determining what your brand identity will be is to start by asking yourself some questions …

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  • vape_shop_customer

    How to Open a Vape Shop

    Vaping has taken the world by storm. In just about a decade it has become a clear alternative to traditional cigarettes. The diversity of flavors and customizations means that almost anyone can find a flavor they like. Therefore, it’s not surprising that thousands of entrepreneurs around the country are trying to figure out how to …

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