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Glossary of Terms

This Packlahoma glossary of terms provides an overview of key concepts related to the vaping and cannabis industry, specifically focusing on products, accessories, packaging, and related practices. It includes descriptions of various tools and supplies used in vaping, dabbing, and the dispensing of cannabis products, as well as some regulatory terms.

1ml Vape Cartridge: A small, cylindrical container that holds 1 milliliter of vape juice. A standard size of a vape cartridge that holds 1 milliliter of liquid.

Bulk Terpenes: Terpenes sold in large quantities, often for industrial or commercial use.

Cartridge Packaging: The packaging that is used to store and sell vape cartridges.

Clamshell Blister Pack: A type of packaging that uses a plastic shell to contain products, often used for retail display.

Clogged Cart: Refers to a vape cartridge that has become obstructed, preventing the flow of liquid or vapor.

Clogged Vape: A vape pen that is not working properly because the vape juice or concentrate inside of it has become clogged.

Concentrate Syringe: A tool used to extract and dispense cannabis concentrates, often used for dabbing.

Dab Containers: Containers used to store cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or oil. Small containers that are used to store dabs, or concentrated cannabis extracts.

Dabbing: A method of consuming cannabis concentrates by vaporizing them and inhaling the vapor.

Dispensary Supplies: Products and equipment used by a cannabis dispensary, ranging from containers and packaging to labels and other accessories.

Disposable Vape Pen: A device used for vaping that comes pre-filled with liquid (often containing nicotine or THC) and is designed to be thrown away after use. A pre-filled vape pen that is designed to be used once and then discarded.

Distillate: A purified form of cannabis oil, often consumed through vaping or dabbing.

Doob Tube: A slang term for a small, cylindrical container used to hold a single pre-rolled joint.

Empty Disposable Vape: A disposable vape pen that has been used up and is no longer able to hold vape juice.

Glass Syringe: A syringe made from glass, often used for medical or laboratory applications, but also for dabbing concentrates.

Luer Lock Syringe: A syringe with a special tip that allows needles or other attachments to lock into place securely.

OMMA: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, responsible for regulations and licensing in the state’s medical marijuana industry.

Pre-Roll Packaging: The packaging that is used to store and sell pre-roll tubes. Specialized packaging used to house pre-rolled cannabis joints, preserving their quality.

Pre-Roll Tubes: Containers designed to hold pre-rolled joints or cigarettes, protecting them from damage and preserving freshness. Small, hollow tubes that are filled with ground cannabis flower and then sealed shut.

Terpene Bottles: Bottles containing terpenes, which are aromatic oils found in many plants.

Terpenes: Aromatic compounds that give cannabis its smell and flavor.

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis.

True terpenes: A company that sells terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its smell and flavor.

Unclog vape: To clear a clog in a vape pen.

Wholesale Supplies: Products sold in bulk, often to retailers or dispensaries.

The glossary encapsulates a wide array of subjects, from the types of containers used to store pre-rolled joints and concentrates to specific issues like clogged vape cartridges and wholesale supplies for dispensaries. Overall, it serves as a reference guide for those engaged with or interested in the field of vaping and cannabis.

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