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Concentrate Packaging

To maintain the potency of quality THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, you need the right packaging. Concentrate containers are small and durable because they hold the cannabinoid equivalent of gold dust. Keep your valuable concentrates fresh for longer with premium concentrate packaging.

At Packlahoma, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the proper cannabis concentrate packaging. Running a successful retailer means never compromising on quality, and that includes your concentrate jars. With our concentrate containers, you can stand head and shoulders above the rest and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Concentrate Packaging for Cannabis

When you buy any form of concentrate, you’re handling some of the smallest containers in the industry. Not only do you need packaging that locks in freshness and potency, but you also need to comply with industry rules and regulations. The best packaging must be versatile, stylish, and functional. At the same time, buying concentrate containers wholesale must be done in a way that keeps your retailer on the right side of the law.

Do your dab jars come with a tamper-proof lid and appropriate labeling? If not, you need to upgrade your existing packaging. At Packlahoma, we specialize in producing packaging for marijuana concentrates that help you comply with the law and satisfy the needs of the modern customer. As the industry evolves, so do its customers. With more THC, CBD, and synthetic concentrates than ever before, it has never been more important to offer functionality, style, and class to your wax concentrate containers and dab jars.

How to Choose the Best Concentrate Packaging for Your Brand?

Selecting the right packaging for your brand could make or break your business. Your dab packaging must meet the needs of your customers while drowning out your competitors. Simply preserving the flavor and essence of concentrates is no longer enough. You need to go the extra mile with top-quality packaging. Packlahoma helps you to find the perfect packaging that will improve your presentation and give your target audience what they want. So, how do you get started choosing the best packaging for your brand?

Packaging Options

There are hundreds of packaging options available in all types of materials, such as silicon jars, glass concentrate jars, and envelopes. For retailers, the sheer number of options can make your head spin. Check out these reliable packaging options to give you an idea of where to start.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are the ideal place to start if you’re looking to invest in quality packaging. These containers are suitable for storing 1-2 grams of concentrate at any time. These little glass jars are versatile, so they can be used to store everything from sauce to live resin. Every glass concentrate container comes with airtight, child-resistant caps. Alternatively, we’ll even help you make your own caps to make your product stand out.

You Can Count on Us for Custom Concentrate Packaging!

While we have decided to focus on glass concentrate jars for our customers to buy in-store and online, we also offer custom packaging in other forms of concentrate storage options.

Silicone Containers

Made from silicone, these simple, fully customizable containers are suited for a wide range of different concentrates. While they are not suitable for any concentrates extracted using butane, they fit the majority of popular cannabis concentrates. Store up to 1-2 grams of concentrate inside these well-made containers.

Plastic Containers

If you’re looking to sell shatter in sheets, our range of plastic containers is perfect. Since shatter sheets won’t fit into little containers, this packaging allows you to sell your shatter without breaking it up into flakes first. For those premium shatter bundles, plastic is the only option. They can also be used to sell wax, crumble, and live resin.


Add a touch of sophistication to selling your shatter with envelopes. Our concentrates envelopes are fully gum-sealed and are capable of storing your concentrates in a way that ensures the shatter stays safe and fresh at all times. Concentrate envelopes are excellent for branding, as you can customize them to suit any color and shape. Feature your brand’s logo proudly and prominently so everybody knows where their quality product came from.

What’s the Most Popular Packaging Option Right Now?

Newer retailers may be wondering what the most popular type of concentrate packaging is and what kind of packaging customers want to see. Generally, any container that’s capable of storing multiple concentrates is best. People don’t want to carry around multiple containers all the time. They want one that can store their concentrates.

Glass containers are the best option, while silicone and plastic come in a close second. Think of versatility when you buy packaging and imagine what you would want if you were a customer. If you’re still struggling to determine which packaging is best for you, ask your customers what they want to see. Collaborate with your audience and show that you mean business.
Alternatively, get in touch with Packlahoma, and let’s talk about how we can meet your customers’ needs.

Size Matters

Size does matter in the world of concentrate containers. Air is the greatest enemy of cannabis concentrate. It’s why all our packaging is completely air-tight and capable of being stored at room temperature. For extended storage, store containers in the freezer to limit the impact of air. Even an air-tight container can only offer so much protection. So, what does this mean for selecting the right size container for your customers?

All dab containers must be sufficient to store all of your customers’ products while also limiting the amount of air space. Those are the two main priorities for any retailer. Freshness means keeping out outside pollutants. Prevent contamination by ensuring you have only the amount of airspace you need. When shopping with Packlahoma, make sure you check the size of your new dab and wax packaging so your product stays potent for longer.

Wholesale Concentrate Packaging to Streamline Your Business

Why buy concentrate containers wholesale when you can hop down to the store to purchase the containers you need? Invest in the future of your business with wholesale dab containers today for savings down the line. Here are some of the reasons why more and more retailers are going beyond the conventional with our help:

  • Save Money – Decrease your overheads by buying your containers wholesale. The wholesale price of containers will always be significantly lower than buying only what you need when you need it. Think long-term and buy wholesale now.
  • Project Your Brand – As more people start to realize the health benefits offered by the cannabis plant, competition among dispensaries is growing. Project your brand and show your customers what you stand for with fully customizable wholesale packaging.
  • Make the Right Impression – First impressions are everything. Customers are more likely to buy a colorful, branded THC oil than one presented in a plastic container with nothing of note. We help you to make the right first impression with our memorable packaging options.
  • Appeal to the Discerning Customer – Cannabis connoisseurs know they’re spoiled for choice in the concentrate market. Premium packaging keeps their product safe from the elements. Guarantee the benefits they’re looking for with concentrate jars that keep their product shining.
  • Consistency in Quality– Wholesalers like us are specialists in bulk service. That’s why you can guarantee a consistent level of quality with every order. Sell your concentrates with confidence and never worry about faulty, defective containers again.
  • Extend Product Lifespan – The right containers can extend the lifespan of any concentrate. Likewise, the wrong containers will curtail the lifespan of a concentrate. Make sure your customers can continue to enjoy their favorite concentrates months down the line with customizable, five-star packaging.
  • Added Extras – It’s the little things that make the greatest impact. By purchasing from a wholesaler that can handle it, you can add the extra touches. Options like our professional paper inserts with special offers, information about your brand, and other products can turn a one-time customer into a repeat buyer.

We believe that buying wholesale means protecting the future of your business. Elevate your brand above other retailers and succeed where others can’t. With Packlahoma, we’re not just selling concentrates packaging; we’re helping you to streamline your entire organization.

Why Packlahoma?

We understand that there are hundreds of retailers all making the same claims and selling similar products. Packlahoma has always maintained a policy of doing things differently and standing out from the crowd. Here are some of the reasons why dispensaries rely on us to provide their top-quality concentrate packaging:

  • Only the Best – We deliver only the best when it comes to all forms of packaging. From our specialty vape cartridges to our sleek glass jars, we tackle all your concentrate needs with care and quality assurance.
  • Affordability – You’ve never seen prices like these. Slash your costs and provide a better product for less from day one.
  • Customizability – Branding is everything in the modern world of cannabis concentrates. Be the brand you’ve always aspired to be and stand out with our fully customizable packaging.
  • Tailored Customer Support – Struggling to select a size or a product? Talk to us, and let’s work through the problem together. No other wholesaler is as dedicated to supporting their customers as we are.
  • Evolution – The cannabis industry runs at a breakneck pace. Fail to keep up, and you’ll fall by the wayside. Packlahoma adapts to the evolving needs of the modern cannabis user. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what people want.

Packlahoma are specialists in wholesale containers for cannabis concentrates. Check out our latest packaging options at our one-stop-shop today.

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