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115mm Glass Pre Roll Tubes

$0.27 per unit

Are you looking for the perfect packaging to safely store your pre-roll joints? Look no further than Packlahoma glass pre roll tubes. Our premium quality glass pre roll tubes offer several advantages over plastic tubes including their superior strength and durability, odor-proof capability, and child-resistant caps.

Our selection provides two different child-resistant caps with each pre roll tube; black ribbed CR cap or black smooth CR cap. Choose the reliable option when it comes to storing and transporting your pre rolls with Packlahoma’s durable, odor proof, and secure glass pre roll tubes today!

  • Units Per Case: 400 Units
  • Tube Length: 115mm
  • Tube Color: Clear
  • Cap Diameter: 23mm
  • Cap Length: 18mm
  • Cap Style: Black Smooth or Black Ribbed CR Cap
  • Tube Height with Cap: 119mm
  • Glass Tube Opening Diameter: 12.5mm
  • Glass Tube Outer Diameter: 22mm
Quantity Units Price Per Unit 
Buy 1 Case 400 $.40 per unit
Buy 10 Cases 4000 $.36 per unit
Buy 20 Cases 8000 $.32 per unit
Buy 36 Cases 14400 $.27 per unit
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115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with CR Cap (Ridged)


Glass tubes are quickly becoming the go-to choice for pre-roll joints. These joint containers, also known as doob tubes or blunt tubes, offer several distinct benefits over their plastic counterparts. Firstly, glass pre roll tubes are much more durable and long-lasting than plastic pre roll tubes, which often crack or break after just a few uses.

Secondly, glass joint tubes are completely odor-proof, ensuring that the scent of your pre-roll joint stays contained and discreet. Lastly, glass pre roll tubes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, unlike plastic pre-roll tubes which contribute to the growing problem of plastic waste. All of these benefits make glass pre-roll tubes an excellent choice for anyone who wants to store and transport pre-roll joints securely and sustainably.


Save big on packaging with our clear glass joint tubes! Our 115mm containers are perfect for king-size joints and blunts. With a loose cap and separate bag, it’s easy and quick to package your pre-rolls straight from the box. Plus, our child-resistant tubes comply with regulatory standards, ensuring worry-free packaging. A plastic-lined lid keeps your pre-rolls fresh and potent, and with a plastic shrink wrap, your customers won’t be disappointed.

Also each case contains 400 tubes, carefully boxed and sealed for contamination-free transport and storage. Order now to streamline your pre-roll packaging needs!

115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with CR Cap (Ridged)
115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with CR Cap (Ridged)


Looking to take your pre-rolled joint game to the next level? Look no further than custom printed pre-roll tubes. These joint containers not only offer a sleek and professional look, but also provide several brand benefits. Buying quality glass pre rolled tubes ensures that your product is stored safely and securely, protecting it from potential damage during transportation.

Additionally, the custom printing option allows you to showcase your brand and logo in a way that is eye-catching and unique. Whether you’re looking for blunt tubes or tubes for joints, custom printed preroll tubes are a must-have for any cannabis brand looking to stand out in a crowded market. So why settle for plain packaging when you can elevate your brand with your logo printed on a quality product?

Premium Choice for Dispensaries and Smoke Shops

Looking for a secure, eco-friendly packaging solution for your pre-rolled products? Our 115mm Glass Pre-roll Tubes offer unparalleled quality preservation, ensuring your joints remain fresh for longer. These high-quality glass tubes are specifically designed for joint storage and offer a perfect blend of style and function.

Whether you’re a dispensary or a smoke shop, the importance of using odor-proof tubes and child-resistant packaging cannot be understated. With the rise in demand for cannabis products, dispensaries are turning to recyclable pre-roll packaging that’s both secure and eco-friendly. Our glass vial storage system meets these needs with tamper-evident seals, ensuring that the contents remain untouched.

For those in the business of cannabis and tobacco, custom branding plays an essential role in distinguishing products. That’s why our 115mm glass tubes come with an option for custom printing. You can now showcase your brand while reassuring your customers of the product’s safety and quality.

Our extensive range includes wholesale glass tubes for businesses of all sizes. Plus, with the increasing adoption of medical marijuana across various states, our medical marijuana containers are ideal for dispensaries requiring tamper-proof and child-resistant packaging solutions.

Packlahoma offers 115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes, known for their strength, odor-proof capability, and child-resistant caps. Unlike plastic tubes, our glass tubes are recyclable and long-lasting. From dispensaries to smoke shops, our customizable glass tubes meet your needs, ensuring freshness and quality. Explore our options and elevate your cannabis packaging standards.

Explore our 115mm Glass Pre-roll Tubes today and elevate the standard of your cannabis packaging.

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in
Cap Style

Black Ribbed CR Cap, Black Smooth CR Cap

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