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98mm Plastic Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes

$0.04 per tube

Roll them up, pop them in, then you can begin…the final steps of bringing your company’s pre-rolls to market. When you buy our pre-roll tubes in bulk, it’s all too easy to save on your pre-roll packaging needs. Our 98mm pre-roll containers are the perfect size for both standard-size and king-size joints and blunts, but can also accommodate smaller pre-rolls as well. Not only are they cost-effective options for your pre-rolls, but the straight-from-the-box tube also comes with the cap unhinged and open so it’s easy to quickly and efficiently insert your pre-rolls, close cap, and then finish the packaging process. 

98mm pre-roll tubes are cylindrical containers designed specifically for storing and transporting pre-rolled cigarettes or joints. These tubes are typically made from durable plastic or other materials that are both lightweight and strong, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

At 98mm in length, these pre-roll tubes are ideally sized for storing pre-rolled cigarettes or joints that are 1 and 1/4 or up to 98mm size in length. They feature a pop-top cap that helps to keep the contents of the tube secure and protected from moisture, odors, and other external factors that could affect the quality of the pre-rolled cigarettes or joints.

One of the key benefits of 98mm pre-roll tubes is that they are highly portable and convenient to use. They can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack, making them an ideal storage solution for people who want to take their pre-rolled cigarettes or joints on the go. Additionally, because these tubes are opaque, they offer a degree of privacy and discretion, which can be important for some users.

Overall, 98mm pre-roll tubes are a reliable and convenient way to store and transport pre-rolled cigarettes or joints, helping to keep them fresh, secure, and ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed.

To ensure our customers don’t get into trouble with the powers that be in the regulatory bodies, we’ve gone through the process of sourcing child-resistant pre-roll tubes. To open, all you have to do is squeeze both sides of the neck of the tube, and it’ll pop right open. As far as keeping your quality pre-rolls properly preserved, our pre-roll tubes tightly lock into place with their lids. Add a plastic shrink wrap and your loyal customers will surely get hit with the power punch of your flower’s potent terpenes and fragrances. 

Each case comes neatly packed with 1000 pre-roll tubes for you to work with. They come bagged up to prevent contamination during transportation and storage. Contact us at [email protected] for more information

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Buy 10 Cases 10000 $.07 per tube
Buy 20 Cases 20000 $.06 per tube
Buy 45 Cases 45000 $.04 per tube
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116mm Green Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes


  • Length: 98mm
  • Outer Diameter: 20mm
  • Inner Diameter: 16mm

Designed to fit standard size blunts or pre-rolls. See our 116mm pre-roll tubes if you need packaging for king-size joints.


Bulk 98mm pop top pre-roll tubes are airtight containers designed to hold pre-rolled cannabis joints or other smoking products, available for purchase in larger quantities. With a child-resistant cap, these tubes are popular among retailers for storing and selling pre-rolled joints in bulk. Made of either plastic or glass, they have a diameter of approximately 14mm and a length of 98mm, preserving the freshness and flavor of the contents while allowing for discreet storage and transport.

98mm Child Resistant Opaque Black Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes
Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12.6 × 11.8 in

Black, Green, Red, White

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