OMMA Oklahoma THC Warning Labels – 1000 Ct. Sticker Roll

$4.50 per roll

Looking for compliant and reliable OMMA universal THC warning labels for your Oklahoma cannabis company? Look no further! Our thc warning labels are here to ensure your company’s compliance with current regulations. With our high-quality adhesive backing, you can be sure these labels stick and stay in place. Also our pre-printed stickers come on a 1000 Ct. roll, ready to ship from Tulsa.

But that’s not all! These semi-gloss label rolls have a strong adhesive that sticks perfectly to pre roll tubes, mylar bags, concentrate jars, pop top drams, and more. Since our THC Warning Labels are ready-to-go, you can save time and effort by not needing to search and print your own. Also they are just the right size to place on the primary panel of your cannabis packaging and guarantee OMMA compliance.

So, say goodbye to compliance worries! Save time with the OMMA Oklahoma Universal THC Warning Labels—perfect for your cannabis business needs today!

  • 1000 OMMA thc sticker labels per roll
Quantity Units Price Per Roll 
Buy 1 Rolls 1 $12.50 per roll
Buy 5 Rolls 5 $10.50 per roll
Buy 10 Rolls 10 $7.50 per roll
Buy 20 Rolls 20 $4.50 per roll
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OMMA universal symbol stickers


  • 1000 ct.  Oklahoma THC Warning Labels
  • Contains Oklahoma THC symbol warning logo
  • In-stock and ready for pickup or shipping from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Compliant with current OMMA guidelines & regulations
  • Meets sizing & color requirements for OMMA packaging
  • Each label roll is wrapped individually in plastic for protection
  • Strong adhesive sticker that can be applied to pre roll tubes, mylar bags, concentrate jars and more
  • Dimensions: .625″ X .875″
Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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